Youth Programs FAQs

How can I get involved? We are looking for dynamic kids in middle school and high school, who have an interest in volunteering and who want to grow and practice their leadership skills. Participants will be selected based on applications and interview performance.

Do these programs have fees? Yes. The program fees cover the cost of training activities, supplies, and LHH t-shirts.  There will be a limited amount of scholarships available for summer 2017 participants. Please contact Jennifer Himstedt at for more information about scholarships.

What’s the difference between the Junior Leadership Program and the Teen Leadership Program? Both programs are for kids interested in growing their leadership skills and engaging with the community through volunteerism. The Junior Leadership program is for Middle School aged students. These students will receive basic training and will be able to co-lead along side experienced LHH Activity Leads. The Teen Leadership Program is for High School aged students who are interested practicing their leadership skills solo and becoming activity leads.

What is an activity lead or co-lead? Little Helping Hands Activity Leads direct each activity with the goal of inspiring the next generation of volunteers and community leaders. They work with our volunteer families to improve our community and to teach our youth about empathy, hard work and service. Co-Leads will assist our experienced activity leads at some of our larger and more involved activities.

What is a Team Huddle? The Teen Leadership Program for high school student contains the “team huddle” component.  Participants will meet 5 times throughout the summer to plan a fundraiser, work to train their parents to assist them as activity leads, reflect on experiences at activities, get more training, and build our teen team.

Can I do both programs? If you participate in the Junior Leadership Program as a middle school student, you can also participate in the Teen Leadership Program when you reach high school. You can only participate in each program one time. However, both programs are designed to give teens opportunities to stay engaged with LHH after the conclusion of the program.

I’m going on vacation this summer, can I still participate? While the programs are designed to be summer-long opportunities, there is some flexibility for holidays, vacations, etc. All participants must be available to attend the listed training dates. Availability will factor into the selection process. If you have questions about specific dates, please ask!

Do parents attend with their kids? For the Teen Leadership Program, a parent is required to attend when a teen lead is leading an activity on his/her own. Additionally, teens training to become leads will need to pick up and drop off supplies from the LHH office. This might require parent assistance with transportation. All other training and activities will be supervised by the LHH Leads and/or Staff unless otherwise stated. For the Junior Leadership program, parents are not required to attend with their kids; however, their kids will need to be dropped off and picked up from activities or the LHH office.

More questions? Contact Jennifer Himstedt, Director of Youth Leadership Programs, at


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