Service Learning Programs

Little Helping Hands’ Service Learning programs pair education with community service to allow youth to learn-by-doing, expanding their knowledge of community needs and inspiring a deeper level of engagement in service.


These programs allow 3rd – 5th graders to learn about a specific community need alongside their peers, brainstorm solutions together, volunteer in support of that community issue with their peers and families, and work independently on a personal service project that allows them to reflect on what they have learned and apply that knowledge for the betterment of their community. This fall we are bringing together three service learning groups, each focused on a different community need – environmentalism, helping people, and animal welfare.


Compassionate kids will study the problems that face people in poverty in Central Texas and help meet their needs through hands-on service activities at three local nonprofits. They will learn about how housing insecurity, hunger alleviation, and family crisis are being tackled by local organizations!


Budding nature enthusiasts will learn about the specific environmental challenges Austin faces by studying Austin’s local waterways, how our community is eliminating waste and the importance of our city’s trees and green spaces.


Animal lovers will study the issues that face homeless pets and wildlife and what local animal welfare agencies are doing to help.


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