Let’s Get to Work

After a very difficult election season despite political affiliation, we are more affirmed than ever about the importance of the work we are doing at Little Helping Hands. There is no doubt that we need to be working diligently at developing future generations of citizens and leaders who understand social issues and community needs, and who are motivated to bring about positive change.

Just simply looking at low voter turnout in the recent election demonstrates the need for our electorate to better understand the responsibility they hold in their hands. Many of our youth leadership program participants will be of voting age during the next election, and we feel strongly that they will have a good understanding of many of the issues facing our city, state, and country and will feel compelled to make their voices heard.

Our Teen and Junior Leaders getting to work at the start of 2017 for United Way’s MLK Day of Service

It’s important to be able to discuss issues that face our community in a productive way and work together to come up with solutions. That is what our volunteers are learning to do from a young age and throughout their development in our programs.

We are focused each day on opening kids’ eyes and minds to circumstances different from their own and helping them to work side by side with peers from all over the city. We want them to include more people, animals, and outdoor spaces in their definition of their community. We want them to understand at an instinctual level that, as citizens of this world, we are responsible for each other and we must take care of each other every day.

Our goal for these kids is that whatever career they end up in and whatever city they live in, they will have a “community service” perspective when making their daily decisions and understand the impact they personally can have on the world around them.

These kids are our future and that can give us all hope. It is our job to supplement the education they receive at school and the love they get from others in their lives, to help them become the best citizens and leaders they can be.

“Show up. Dive in. Stay at it.” – Barack Obama

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  1. sarah bethke says:

    beautifully written and so important. thank you, LHH, for all you do!

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