Save the Cats

By , June 30, 2017

We asked the kids in our Helping Animals Service Learning Program for 3rd – 5th graders to share stories about their experience and what they learned. Sadie was thrilled to get the opportunity to write about an issue she’s very passionate about: helping cats. Sadie is 11 years old.

Hello, I’m Sadie Claunch. I like helping animals, so that’s why I started volunteering for Little Helping Hands’ Helping Animals Pilot Program. We went on field trips to the Austin Zoo, Austin Humane Society and Austin Wildlife Rescue. My favorite was the Austin Humane Society because they help cats.

I learned that animals can be in as much danger as humans, and that’s why I want to thank Little Helping Hands. If you join Little Helping Hands’ Helping Animals Program you get the opportunity to learn how important it is to be aware of your surroundings. So help out!

Sadie and her aunt making cat shelters at Austin Humane Society.

So, you may wonder how you can help cats. Well I encourage you to go out and pick up trash, because picking up trash will save more cats from getting strangled by a soda can holder or plastic wrap. If you want to help even more go to the Austin Humane Society and ask how they need help. A few options are volunteering to feed and train cats, visiting their website and buying items on their needs list or adopting a cat or kitten to give them the comfort they can have in a home.

This is important to me because think of all the cats out there in a big world with only pouring rain and starvation to look forward to, similar to people. If you take the time to visit Austin Humane Society, you could make lots of cats happy. I love cats and I think they should be fed and given water. Please adopt a cat from the Austin Humane Society.

Sadie and her aunt making rice sock warmers for kittens at Austin Humane Society (left) and Sadie making a blanket for monkeys at Austin Zoo (right).

Cats have a big role in lots of human’s lives. Just think of a world where there were no cats or puppies. There are some pests that cats eat, like snakes, rats, mice, roaches and more. Petting a cat can help people feel happier. We could lose those benefits if you litter or don’t do anything when you see a hurt cat lying on the lawn with no collar.

I decided to write this blog because I have a cat myself, but I think cats should only pass away when their time has come and not because they got hurt by us because of neglect. Cats are just as important as people (they are just lucky because they don’t have to pay taxes). So, if you love cats I recommend helping through Little Helping Hands’ Helping Animals Program or the Austin Humane Society.